We are . . .

First Reformed Church of Lancaster, an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ, first gathered in 1729. Its earliest members were German, Swiss and French settlers who built the first church in Lancaster in 1736. Today our congregation is a diverse group of spiritual travelers joined together by our belief in God and our continuing commitment to put the city first in our ministry.

We tend to be theologically progressive, ecologically friendly, sociologically outgoing and financially conservative. We find that our service to the people of the city speaks above all “ologies” with acts of hospitality and hope.

We are unapologetically inclusive of ALL people and declare ourselves Open and Affirming (ONA), the phrase The United Church of Christ uses to communicate our intentional and unconditional inclusivity of people of different sexual orientations, gender expressions, and gender identities.

We Believe . . .

We believe the church’s mission is to change lives — individually, systemically and globally. We work to make transformation possible, but trust in God’s grace.

We take the Bible seriously, but not literally.

We believe God’s continuing testament. We are committed to hearing God’s ancient story anew and afresh in our lives and in the world today.

We affirm the responsibility of the church in each generation to make the Christian faith its own in reality or worship, in honesty of thought and expression, and in purity of heart before God.

Our roots are in the “covenantal” tradition — meaning there is no centralized authority or hierarchy that can impose any doctrine or form of worship on its members. Christ alone is Head of the church.

For more information about the UCC, please go to http://ucc.org/

We Look Forward

First Reformed Church of Lancaster is always in the process of renewal and renovation. We’re on our way to our 300th year having recently completed a $300,000 capital renovation project, that enabled us to remodel our aging kitchen to better serve the needs of the most needy in our community.

Joyful worship in a recently air-conditioned sanctuary, an innovative and energized education program, and ever-expanding outreach to the city focus our ministry.

Be Involved

If you are searching for meaning in life, you’ll find it through serving others with others. First Reformed Church of Lancaster can help you do that!

Opportunities to get involved can be found in the “Get Involved” link in the main menu or click here: